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The hydraulic system of _KQK hydraulic _ hydraulic pump _ hydraulic plunger pump hydraulic valve _ election to election or Taiwan KQK hydraulic well!

                       The hydraulic system of _KQK hydraulic _ hydraulic pump _hydraulic plunger pump hydraulic valve _ election to election or Taiwan KQK hydraulic well!

1 determining the supply way of considering the machinepressure often transform and adjustment, and can generate large pressing force, large flow, large power,difference of air travel and pressure stroke speed, so usinga high-pressure hydraulic pump

The choice of working cylinder 2 speed control modeadopts the piston type double acting cylinder, when pressure oil enters into the working cylinder, the pistondrives the beam to move downward, the slow speed,pressure, when pressure oil enters into the working cylinderlower chamber, the piston moves upwards, the speed is faster, less pressure, consistent with the general slow,quick pressing process the return requirements of hydraulic system

Calculation of the hydraulic system and the selection of hydraulic components

(1) determination of main dimensions of hydraulic cylinder

Determination of working pressure of P. Working pressure of P according to the load size and the type of machine, topreliminarily determined by manual and table cylinderworking pressure of hydraulic 20MPa.

2) calculation of hydraulic cylinder diameter D and piston rod diameter D. By the load chart known maximum load F305000N, according to the list of 9-2 P2 can be ignored,taking into account the fast forward, rewind equal speed,take d/D=0.7 D={4Fw/[PI P1 ETA cm]}1/2= 147 (mm)

According to the manual and table hydraulic cylinder inner diameter of D=160 (mm) piston rod diameter d=110 (mm)two hydraulic cylinders D and D are respectively 160mm and 110mm. According to the lowest feeding speed checking hydraulic cylinder of the minimum stable speed A = Qmin/Vmin=0.05 * 1000/3=16.7 (cm2)

Hydraulic cylinder throttling cavity effective working areaselection of hydraulic cylinder rod chamber of the actual area, namely the A2= PI (D2 - D2) /4=3.14 x (1602 - 1102)/4 =105.98 cm2 satisfies the inequality, so hydraulic cylinder can reach the required speed

(2) the computation required in each phase of the work of the hydraulic cylinder flow Q (Kuai Jin) = Pi D2V (Kuai Jin)/4=3.14x0.112x3/4=28.50L/min Q (feeding) = Pi D2v(feeding) /4=3.14x0.162x0.04/4=0.804L/min Q (fast) = pi(D2-d2) V (fast) /4=3.14x (0.162 -0.112) x3/4=31.79L/min

(3) determine the hydraulic pump flow, pressure and pump selection specifications

To determine the 1 hydraulic pump working pressure to take into account the normal work into the tubing has low pressure loss, so the pump working pressure

In the formula, the maximum working pressure Pp hydraulic pump;

Maximum working pressure P1 execution component (Pa);

P into the pressure loss of oil in the pipeline (Pa), a simple0.2~~0.5Mpa system. It is therefore advisable pressure loss of sigma delta P1=0.5Mpa20+0.5=20.5MPa the calculated Pp is the static pressure system, taking into account thedynamic pressure appears excessive stage system under various conditions of the often exceeds the static pressure,while taking into account the pressure a certain amount of reserve, and ensure that the pump life, and therefore choose the hydraulic pump pressure value should be Pa Pa1.25Pp-1.6Pp

2 the pump flow is determined, the maximum flow of the hydraulic pump should be QpK (sigma QmaxK system leakage coefficient, generally K=1.1-1.3, large flow for small value; the small flow of large value, oil leakage coefficient K=1.2 the Qp=K (sigma Q) max=1.2 31.76=38.15L/minPa=1.25Pp= (1.25~1.6) long so long20.5=25.625~32.8MPa

3 hydraulic pump specifications according to the above calculation of Pa and Qp refer to the relevant manual nowuse 63YCY14-1B swash plate axial piston pump, nmax= 3000 r/minnmin=1000r/min nominal pressure p0=32Mpa,q=63mL/r displacement per revolution, the volumetric efficiency of V =85%, the total efficiency of 4 =0.7. motorand hydraulic pump matching selection

First calculates the fast and feeding of two different conditions when the power, their value as a large selection of motor specification basis.

Due to the slow into the pump output flow is reduced, the efficiency of the pump was drastically reduced, generally in the flow in the 0.2 1L/min range, desirable = 0.03 0.14. at the same time it should be noted that in order to make themotor selection in the through flow characteristic curve of the pump at maximum power not to stop, the need forcalculus. Pa * Qp/ Pd, type, Pd selected motor rated power;limit pressure Pb of internal gear pump; Qp when the pressure is Pb, the output of the pump flow.

First of all, the calculation of power fast forward, fast forward when external load is 5000N, the pressure loss inthe 0.3MPa oil.

Pb=[5000/ (0.11x0.11 /4) x10-6+0.3]=0.0.826MPa fast forward when required motor power is (0.826x38.15/60)/0.7=0.75kw work into the required motor power,P=Ppx0.804/ (60x0.7) =0.39kw access to motor product samples, selection of Y90S-4 type motor, the rated power of 1.1KW, the rated speed of 1400r/min

Hydraulic valve selection selected

According to the diagram of hydraulic system are proposed,according to the maximum flow through each element to select the hydraulic components of the specification.

Determination of hydraulic component interface size size of pipe inside diameter of the tube size can consult use and decide, also can be connected pipeline allows velocity is calculated, the main road traffic of the system fordifferential when the flow of Q=57L / min pressure tubingallows the velocity V=3m/s is the inner diameter of D to d=4.6 (57/3) 1/2= 20.05mm

If the hydraulic system main oil circuit flow according torewind to take Q=31.79L / min, can be obtained inside diameter of the tube d=12.96mm. integrated d=20mmsuction pipe can also be calculated according to the formula (Q=42.4L / min, V=1.5m / s) referring now to the YBX-16 variable pump suction port connection dimensions,take suction tube inner diameter of D to 29mm

To determine the hydraulic tank volume according to thehydraulic tank effective capacity by 5 - 7 times the pump flow to determine the selection of capacity of 400L

Calculation of cylinder wall thickness and diameter of the

Hydraulic cylinder wall thickness by the strength of the hydraulic cylinder to calculation of cylinder wall thicknessgenerally refers to the cylinder structure in the thinnestthickness, known from mechanics of materials, cylinder under internal pressure, the internal stress distribution

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